Five Reasons to Schedule Your Annual Physical

You Can Stay Healthier. With regular check-ups, you can prevent many chronic illnesses and manage those you already have. Yearly physicals cover important health markers, including blood pressure, weight, stress and cholesterol, and they are usually covered by insurance.

Your Physician Will Recognize Signs of Change. Only someone who sees you on a regular basis can recognize subtle signs of change. Has that mole become larger? Is your fatigue something new? Has your cholesterol level started to increase? Have you developed a new allergy? Annual physicals can help to keep you out of Emergency Departments more often, saving you both time and money.

You Can Update Your Vaccinations. Seriously, how long has it been since you’ve had a tetanus shot? Do you even know? Or what about a flu shot or pneumonia vaccine? Have you had a shingles vaccine? It is important to keep up to date on key immunizations, especially if you are an older adult.

Your Physician Can Review and Renew Your Medications. As we age, our need for medication can change. Sometimes we need less of something. Sometimes more. Let your physician help you manage your medications.

You Can Maintain a Relationship With Your Physician in Case of Illness. Annual physicals are not social visits, but they do help your physician stay in touch with your overall health needs. This is important in case of an illness or medical emergency.

Schedule your annual physical today by calling 952-432-6161. The Apple Valley Medical Center welcomes new patients.

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