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Allina Health Apple Valley is a primary care practice, serving the needs of your entire family, from preventive care to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic illnesses. Our physicians provide a wide range of health care services to keep you healthy and to treat you when you’re not.

  • Immunizations
  • Interpreter Services
  • Preventive Care
  • Sports Medicine
  • Women’s Health


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Allina Health Apple Valley is an independent clinic of primary care providers who provide preventive care and treat illnesses for all members of the family. They advocate for you and give you the widest range of health care options all the time.

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Our physicians can recommend and administer the appropriate immunizations for you and your children, whether these are routine vaccinations or special immunizations for international travel.

Interpreter Services

When scheduling an appointment, please let our offices know if you need an interpreter, and we will try to make one available. 

Preventive Care

We believe that prevention is always better than treatment. Our physicians provide counsel on ways to avoid illness and injury, and they encourage you to have regular check-ups to address issues before they become major concerns. 

Sports Medicine

Primary care physicians prevent, diagnose and treat injuries related to exercise and sports, including joint pain and dysfunction, bursitis, stress fractures and tendonitis. Sports medicine also encompasses nutrition, kinesiology, physiology and biomechanics. If you are a current athlete, or just thinking about starting an exercise program, talk with one of our primary care physicians to avoid injuries. 

Women's Health

Women of all ages will find comprehensive medical care here on a wide range of topics, from birth control and reproductive health to menopause and osteoporosis. Special attention is also given to women’s health concerns and special health risks, including heart disease and mental health issues. 

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Our Patient Portal provides you with access to your medical information. Find out more about the Patient Portal here. 

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