Yevgeniy Sychev, M.D.


The Retina Center

United Specialty Center, Ophthalmology - Retina


Education & Certifications


B.S., University of California at Davis

M.D., Washington University School of Medicine


University of Washington - Ophthalmology


Basic Life Support 


Memberships, Awards & Special Appointments


American Academy of Ophthalmology

American Society of Retinal Specialists


Why did you choose this field of medicine?

Good eyesight is precious. Early in my medical training, I recognized the importance of prompt diagnosis and treatment of eye disease for the wellbeing and happiness of my patients. I chose to specialize in ophthalmology because good eye care has such a tremendous impact on the quality of life. I pursued advanced training as a retinal specialist so that I could help my patients in the most direct way to combat blinding retinal disorders such as macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and diabetic eye disease, among others.

What’s special about the Apple Valley Medical Center?

I am privileged to provide retinal medical and surgical services to the community of Apple Valley. The Apple Valley Medical Center is easily accessible to my patients from the surrounding communities. I believe the convenience of this location is important to my patients who suffer from a range of eye conditions, as it reduces the stress of travel and exposure to heavy traffic.  Our clinic has friendly and knowledgeable staff, and it is equipped with modern ophthalmology instruments enabling fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment of retinal disorders.

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